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Internal Sales Representative

Mancloud is a leading SAAS company in the hospitality industry. We strive to provide innovative solutions to accommodation providers around the world. Our advanced Lobbi property management system streamlines operations, enhances guest experience, and optimizes revenue for hotels, resorts, vacation rentals, and more. As we continue to expand our presence, we are looking for a highly motivated and results-oriented Internal Sales Representative to strengthen our sales team.

Job Overview: As an Internal Sales Representative, you will be responsible for promoting and selling our property management system to hotels, resorts, vacation rentals, and more. You play a crucial role in driving revenue growth, building strong customer relationships, and ensuring customer satisfaction. This position offers excellent career advancement opportunities for individuals passionate about the hospitality industry and eager to make a significant impact.
  • Conduct outbound sales activities
  • Generate leads and cold call to identify potential customers within the hospitality industry
  • Upsell new tools to existing customers
  • Effectively present and demonstrate the features and benefits of our property management system to key decision-makers, addressing their specific needs and requirements
  • Conduct outbound sales activities
  • Build and maintain a strong sales pipeline, managing leads throughout the entire sales cycle, from initial contact to closing the deal
  • Build and maintain relationships with potential and existing customers, providing exceptional customer service and support throughout the sales process
  • Collaborate with the customer support and development teams to stay informed about industry trends, product enhancements, and competitive positioning
  • Achieve and exceed sales targets and key performance indicators, consistently delivering exceptional results

Full-stack Developer

Are you eager to sit down with the founders on a daily basis? To help shape the direction of the company? To finally get rid of managers telling you what to do? To push the boundaries of your comfort zone and exceed them? Learning is what drives and excites you? The synergy in a well-functioning team is not unfamiliar to you? Yes, yes, yes? Then keep reading.
We have a great deal of experience and ambition! Our REST API is solid. We know where we want to go and we are not afraid of challenges. In the past year, we have invested heavily in our User Interfaces. Yes, we have multiple applications running. But we have learned that we need to continue investing in people with passion and a sense of ownership. People with vision and character. What exactly do we do, and where will you end up?


PMS = Property Management System
Our software supports Hotels and Hostels, and essentially all businesses that rent spaces on a daily or hourly basis. Our PMS guides a hotelier from A to Z during the guest journey. Through their own booking engine or through an OTA (online travel agency), guests come into contact with our system for the first time. The hotelier can manage the availability and prices of the hotel on major platforms such as, Expedia, etc. In addition, we have a dynamic Self Check-in application, numerous lock integrations, various payment solutions, revenue management, housekeeping tools, accounting integrations, etc.
Our ecosystem, of which the core, the PMS, has been running well for several years, has allowed Lobbi (formerly Mancloud) to grow every year.
Notably, the business knowledge we have built up is essential for the further developments we have ahead. The time has come to take the next steps, hence this job opening. So, you can definitely start with peace of mind, knowing that all your questions about the domain will be answered.

Job Description

You are a Full-stack developer with extensive experience, good knowledge of backend, devops, and UX/UI, and a desire for more responsibility. You want to deepen your knowledge and share it with a rapidly growing company that prioritizes human relationships. You are constantly intrigued by changing challenges and new web technologies.


You have at least several years of experience, and you enjoy learning new things. For this, you have the following knowledge and skills, which you also want to expand and deepen:
  • REST API best practices, Php 7.x / 8
  • DevOps (AWS, Vultr, Bitbucket...)
  • JavaScript / TypeScript, CSS 3, HTML 5
  • Vue.js
  • React / Nuxt
  • Git workflow
  • Experience with: SCRUM, Kanban, Storybook, Miro, Figma, applying well-established UX standards to (new) UI
  • Eternal respect: NixOS
  • Humorous, proactive, enthusiastic, communicative, fascinated, analytical, structured, tidy
  • Ownership, customer-friendliness, and involvement are as important to us as your technical skills
  • You are not afraid to talk to customers


Permanent Employment
  • As a permanent employee, you can expect variety and new challenges
  • Find satisfaction in a diverse job that prioritizes human relationships and where every day is different from the previous one
  • Receive a competitive salary and fringe benefits
  • Grow with our company
  • Remote work is possible, of course
  • Fantastic office at De Sterre, near Sint-Pieters station
  • Negotiable
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